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Andrea Lashay
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Go to the calender and checkout the episode titles for House of Payne! The season resumes March 3rd with a break after April 14th! I've posted the episode titles along with some episode synopsis. This season looks really great! Tell Us your predictions of what you think will be happening in these episodes:) Payneful Reunion From the Mouths of Babes Matured Investment The Bible: King Payne's Version Firestorm Through the Fire Curtis Sings the Blues Lady Sings the Blues Payneful Pie How do you like your roast? Something Brewing Seal of Approval Blackout X's 3 Heartbeat


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Iesha Marie
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Andrea Lashay
Posts: 30


A routine fire becomes C.J.'s worst nightmare; Ella recommends a book to Miranda and Claretha.

Curtis Sings the Blues

Curtis gets some advice from an unexpected source; Floyd pits the two young couples against each other.

The Bible: King Payne's Version

Ella tries to fit in with the students in her study group; Curtis teaches Jazmine's Bible study group.

Matured Investment

Miranda sees a different side of Calvin when he has to watch Calvin, Jr.; Curtis and Ella get new neighbors.


Calvin and Miranda have a pregnancy scare; Curtis and Claretha team up to make some quick cash.

Throught the Fire

Janine's mother takes over the house; Curtis's gig as the Safety Seal goes up in flames.

Payneful Pie

Ella makes an announcement that causes Curtis's financial plans to take a turn for the worst; Calvin must deal with Miranda's disapproving mother.

How Do You Like Your Roast?

Curtis's retirement party turns out to be a bigger surprise than he expected; Jazmine develops a crush.

Something Brewing

The situation with Janine's dealer tests C.J.'s capacity to forgive; Curtis and Floyd start a home-brew business.

Seal of Approval

The Paynes are surprised that Malik plans to join the ROTC; Curtis is asked to rejoin the fire department, but not in the role he expected.



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